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Share talents, forge friendships for life

studentenkamer, Leuven
Kamers Leuven, KU LEUVEN
universiteit Leuven
kamers Leuven
Universiteit Leuven
What is Steenberg?

Steenberg is a student house in the Leuven city centre. Steenberg offers you an ideal study setting, with all the facilities you might need at your disposal. You will have access to a common study room with library, and the house guarantees silence and respect for each other’s study time. Additionally, you will always be able to ask the live-in study coach for assistance. We also regularly organise cultural activities which will enrich your academic formation and help you broaden your horizons.

Who are our students?

Since 1965 Steenberg has received female students looking for that little something more. Steenberg will stimulate you to achieve your full potential, meet new people, pay attention to your fellow students and make your student years a beautiful experience.

What are our goals?

The two elements forming the heart of Steenberg are studying and social contacts. The student house is the home of university and college students of different years and orientations. Steenberg will help you focus on your studies and develop your learning skills in a study-friendly atmosphere. You will also get to know many different people and get the chance to form new friendships. By creating a homely and familial atmosphere, Steenberg tries to form a setting that enables the integral development of all residents.

What about the rooms?

In Steenberg, the rent of your room includes daily breakfast and a four-o-clock snack, as well as weekly hot meals from Monday to Thursday. The common areas of the house (dining room, living room, garden...) are freely available to all residents.

The price for a room is 660 EUR/month. The contract is for 9.5 months, from 15th September to 30 June.

There are no more rooms available in 2024-2025 academic year.

Extra hot meals from Friday to Sunday are available for 8 EUR/meal. You can also have a cold meal or a lunch packet for lunch for 4.5 EUR.

1 Room still available!

Where do we get our inspiration from?

Our student house is part of vzw VOS. This non-profit organisation was founded in 1977 and has its registered office at Molièrelaan 327, 1180 Brussels. It has many years of experience planning permanent education and cultural activities for both youth and adults.


For those who are interested in the Christian Faith, Steenberg offers the opportunity to take part in activities such as retreats or courses that are entrusted to the prelature of  Opus Dei. Residences such as Steenberg can be found across the whole world. Their Christian ideal is inspired by the life and work of the founder of Opus Dei, Saint Josemaría Escriva (1902-1975).

What is expected of you?

Your studies are an important part of your life, and at the same time you want to establish new contacts with others. You also want to develop your own personality and cultural formation and are interested in the activities. You support the two founding principles of the residence and you understand that you need both study and personal enrichment to make your academic career a success.

Residents are not expected to have ties with the Catholic Church, but should attach importance to broader Christian values.

You are always free to drop by and we will be happy to show you around. Do make an appointment through our contact form or give us a call.  (+32 16 22 21 95)

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